29 things
  1. my name is jodi
  2. often times i drink hawaiian punch out of glasses meant for cocktails
  3. i am in love with words
  4. i'd rather eat a corndog than a steak
  5. the replacements are the best band of all time
  6. i'd marry matt dillon or dave eggers if given the chance
  7. my car was named clyde and my computer is called otto
  8. i live by myself with two cats (paco and madison)
  9. i love books
  10. my niece and nephews (jaycie, max, and cade) fill me up with so much joy i think i might bust
  11. james madison is my favorite dead president
  12. i am actually looking forward to being 30 (June 6th, 2002)
  13. i own a super groovy metal superman lunchbox
  14. i have seven pair of sunglasses that all look the same
  15. i live in minnesota
  16. i majored in journalism and political science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  17. i have three younger sisters
  18. i like to write with purple pens
  19. i have superfriends checks
  20. if i were a comic strip character i'd chase the norm around the block to get him to date me
  21. i use the word rad entirely too often
  22. i like getting presents
  23. i have a crush on niles crane from "frasier"
  24. chances are i've read the book but not seen the movie
  25. at 6'5", i am unusually tall for a woman
  26. i ask lots of questions
  27. there are 5 pillows on my bed
  28. i usually brush my teeth without a shirt on for fear of drooling on it
  29. i had to count these outloud, three times to see if there were 29
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