34 things
  1. My name is Jodi. I was so enamoured with my name as a child that I wrote it on everything (doors, walls, etc.)
  2. I eat pancakes with peanut butter on them, and perfer to wash it all down with an icy cold Diet Coke with Lime
  3. I fancy myself a writer
  4. Oftentimes I forget I am capable of being loved
  5. I am obsessed with Paul Westerberg and The Replacements
  6. I was born 6.6.72 at 6:36 p.m.
  7. I have big feet and make up for it by buying a lot of bags and purses
  8. I dare
  9. I love books
  10. I’ve never seen a Star Wars, Godfather, Matrix, Indiana Jones, or Alien movie
  11. I'd rather eat a corndog than a steak
  12. The second thing I do in the morning is write down the song that I woke up singing
  13. When I started doing this sort of list, there were only 29 things. I totally stole the idea from Paul Westerberg, kind of, it's an homage to 14 songs in some weird way.
  14. My truck is named Ruby, my iPod's called Kathleen Turner Overdrive, and my computers have been named Owen, Otto, Oberon, Ogden and Jed (though only Ogden and Jed are operational)
  15. I live by myself with two cats (Paco and Madison) in Minnesota
  16. I know three movies by heart “Almost Famous,” “High Fidelity,” and “Beautiful Girls”
  17. My niece and nephews (Jaycie, Max, Cade, Nolan, and Liam) fill me up with so much joy i think i might bust
  18. James Madison is my favorite dead president, I named my cat after him
  19. I am always late. Always. I blame this on my eternal optimism.
  20. I like Superman
  21. I don't wear makeup because it makes me feel like a phony. I do, however, color my hair so I'm either a paradox or a hypocrite
  22. To pay the mortgage, I am a copywriter. It is as sexy as it sounds
  23. I have three younger sisters
  24. I don't like the number five, though it appears in this list because I can't figure out how to make it disappear
  25. At 6'5" I'm unsually tall for a woman
  26. I call masturbating practicing because of a Replacements song. It makes me laugh.
  27. I am pretty sure I own more bras than the average American woman really needs
  28. I usually brush my teeth without a shirt on for fear of drooling on it
  29. I worry about being a bad mom because I often forget to turn off the oven
  30. I have a giant collection of Sweet Valley High books in my closet. I am not ashamed of this.
  31. I collect wheat pennies, and blame it all on Francis
  32. If "my first short story was published when I was 32 33 34" isn't on this list next year, I might cry.
  33. I just recently started typing with capital letters, I have succumbed to the tyranny of the Shift key
  34. When I was about 4 I shoved a button so far up my nose I had to go to ER
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